The Wildness In Me EP


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Punky Buxx
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Punky Buxx An easylistening drop by PSY'AVIAH, an EP we desperately needed in the dark times of madness that reigns today. Upbeat, funky and a real earworm - The Wildness In Me is worth of the kingdom of the Moloko and the likes of it.
Jimmy K
Jimmy K thumbnail
Jimmy K Another wild release from the master of electronics, who ploughs the fields of pop and industrial equally effective. Favorite track: The Wildness In Me (feat. Eli Rho) (radio edit).
Kochan thumbnail
Kochan Its shocking how a proper artist can reinvent the song - at times its almost impossible to recognise the original track, still the beautiful vocals of Eli Rho give it out. Ahh. and definitely check the video to the title song, it is awesome
Liza Borodinova Art
Liza Borodinova Art thumbnail
Liza Borodinova Art My personal favourite is The Truth - that bubbling ambient EDM with a female narrator really gives way to the beginning of a blissful psychedelic experience.
Favorite track: The Truth (feat. Jen Draven).
EdmT Freak
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EdmT Freak PSY'AVIAH does it again. An ep full of bangers and ever more banging remixes to tear up the floor.
Stevie Ray Vavaughn
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Stevie Ray Vavaughn Good to see a producer with a taste for remixes. The song itself shines with potential, while the reworks highlight it even more.
Favorite track: The Wildness In Me (feat. Eli Rho) (Restriction 9 7” club remix).
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I saw a fox on the outskirts of town I didn’t know what he was looking for But he ran and I followed him down I watched the darkness come over like a storm I’m not the same as I used to be And neither is this city We both weathered in the passing of time We both have bent to the changing of tides I took a train out of the city Had to find the wildness within me I watched them tear down the trees And saddle the wind I watched them cry to be free again Just like me, just like me I stood at the edge of the ocean The clouds lingering on the horizon They darkened as I stood there frozen Staring at a hurricane rising I felt the same storming growing within me The same storm that’s growing in this city As we both weathered in the passing of time Both bent to changing of tides I felt time stop I could hear a pin drop See it wasn’t all lost I just had to take it in my hands
On the top of the mountain, alone Stood a tree How that came to be? A subject of interpretation and speculation Gossip, chatter and chit-chat Bold explanations, magic equations Deceptive tongues, Mindless brain automats But in fact, No one really knows how it came to be Not the grass, nor the sky, Or the animals And maybe, most surprisingly, Not even the tree
We were corrupted and led astray Maybe it’s human nature to try to give these things a name Satisfaction never satisfied us 'cause there was nothing in this world that could ever be enough But we keep moving, we keep learning, we keep growing Trying to find that eternal lesson We keep moving, we keep learning, we keep growing Trying to find that eternal lesson Find that eternal lesson We’ve made mistakes passed down in the book of life And we all watch as this earth burns alive We have a duty to protect and do better this time We still have time to fix it We still have time to fix it if we try Rewrite the book of life The book of life All these judgments just held us back From finding a way to pave a new path There is cruelty but there is good And maybe we could do better if we all did what we knew we should And in the light of the sun We are all we might ever become We have the seeds of the future in our hands right now So write it down In the book of life
As you see the large tree in front of you The climb to the top, The distance you must travel, The battle might feel lost Forward we go to explore and see, Step by step, Backwards, motion minus z A landscape appears, a context of trees, Branching out into different ideas By practice and experience, "Sometimes" fades into "most of the time" Up there discovering in the clouds, One foot still firmly on the ground Perspective proportionally, Travel free in a vast sea, No dogmas or ideologies Gaining perspective, you see, Gives you an idea, Perhaps sympathy But that doesn't mean you have to agree


Taken from “Bittersweet”, PSY’AVIAH’s recent successful eclectic new studio album, this “The Wildness In Me” new EP does not only highlight the more up-tempo electric pop side of the Belgian band, but also Yves Schelpe’s fruitful collaboration with female singer Eli Rho on the dynamic title song but also on its B-side and more trip-pop electronica oriented “The Book Of Life”.

As always with PSY’AVIAH lyrics always carry strong messages, inviting us this time to a self-discovery trip, reconnecting with nature to recover strength, hope and energy, learning from our mistakes and bringing light into our own book of life…

This time again, PSY’AVIAH used his influential circle of connections and teamed up with an amazing list of artists coming from various music scenes and genres (from electro rock to industrial, through trance, minimal techno and trip-hop / synth pop) to gather a massive selection of remixes for both songs, adding radio and extended versions but also instrumental edits for the ultimate pleasure of electronic music scene DJ’s amongst others. The list of remixers include MISS SUICIDE, 13TH ANGEL, CYBORGDRIVE, RESTRICTION 9, CUBIC, KARL ROQUE, OUTPOST 11, STUDIO-X & BATAVIA.

And last but not least, PSY’AVIAH’s creativity obviously knows no limits, Yves Schelpe also recorded 2 exclusive ambient poetry tracks ("The Truth"; "Perspective Proportionally") featuring Jen Draven of 13TH ANGEL on spoken/whispered vocals adding some more depth and intimacy to the whole concept and message conveyed by this release. The whole sonic experience is backed up by Tim Goossens and Gwenny Cooman’s photographs (available as bonus digital booklet on Bandcamp) adding one more dimension to it all and reinforcing the too often forgotten connection with the wild nature…

PSY’AVIAH proves that it’s very possible writing electro pop songs with heavy messages and extracting shimmering lights from darker tunes… Hear his hopeful and critical call to action and gain perspective in the vast landscape called “life”…


released June 23, 2022


all rights reserved



Alfa Matrix Brussel, Belgium

Since 2001, Belgium-based label Alfa Matrix has become a trademark for underground electronic music. We are open to various styles including power EBM, dark elektro, industrial, synth pop, electronica, trip hop, drum’n bass, goth rock, wave, etc. Home of bands like FRONT 242, AYRIA, ALIEN VAMPIRES, HELALYN FLOWERS, METROLAND, BRUDERSCHAFT, ACYLUM, MONDTRÄUME, PNE, STAR INDUSTRY, UNTER NULL, etc. ... more

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